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Here at Northern Brick Fabrication Ltd, we supply all types of modern and traditional cut and bonded special bricks, brick arches, and brick slips, for example, brick cladding, for interior and exterior designs and both commercial and domestic purposes across North East England.

When introducing and using a new material in your home or commercial premises with the intention of it lasting long-term, you need to be able to trust in the material, its properties and its origins. A material is only as trustworthy as its supplier and brick is no exception. With almost a quarter of a century of industry experience and having been trading for over a decade, our team at Northern Brick Fabrication Ltd fully understands the importance of supplying a reliable service as well as bricks that don’t let you down.

Brick cladding is the ‘outer shell’ of a wall or building, facing outwards and made from brick as the name suggests. Brick cladding is often made up of brick slips. Brick slips are the faces of bricks and are therefore known as ‘brick tiles’ or ‘thin brick’. Brick tiles can be made of authentic brick or manufactured synthetic brick. A wall made from reproduced brick is often known as a ‘faux brick wall’ thanks to its artificial nature.

Brick slips can be produced via manufacturing or through a process call cutting and bonding. The ‘cutting’ element of the process basically involves cutting the brick tiles from the original brick. Using the latest advanced equipment and methods, some brick products can be dry cut straight from the kiln (oven or furnace) by modern machinery. The traditional craft of hand cutting bricks can also be used to create uniquely shaped bricks that break the customary rectangular 90-degree mould. ‘Bonding’ is simply the pattern in which the bricks are laid.

Being able to supply special bricks that have been artfully cut and shaped means we can provide you with an array of brick tiles for your brick arches and voussoirs. With our busy warehouse brimming with an abundance of bricks of all types, styles and shades, we can supply real brick tiles, which are more convincing than a faux brick wall, that ensure the brick panelling on your new extension perfectly matches and complements the rest of your property.

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Brick Cladding

We offer a wide range of brick cladding services for home and commercial premises – click here to find out more.

Special Bricks

We have a wide range of specially shaped bricks available when a return on a brick is not 90 degree – click here to find out more.

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Arches and voussoirs give an elegant or period look to a property – click here to find out more.

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We can match bricks in existing buildings from our extensive stocks – click here to find out more.